Dear reader,

We have been away for quite some time now and that’s because we have been working on reinventing our brand. Firstly, Alex Pioneer was started to build and ‘pioneer’ Alexandra and its people.

It was created to empower, inform and even pose and answer critical questions to the community. While we had successfully done that through our breaking hard news; investigative journalism and in depth human stories; we felt the need to grow and evolve into a paper that will mainly focus on publishing content that is designed to help uplift you economically and professionally.

So from now on expect articles and stories that cover business, money, career, entrepreneurship, mentorship, and leadership. This is quite an exciting turn for us; as we believe that economic and professional emancipation helps solves a number of the issues we face as a community and the country at large.

You can still expect some of the previous types of content we used to publish and also topics that cover light hearted areas such as entertainment and lifestyle.

Our mission is to cover the Gauteng Region with content that is aimed at informing and entertaining its communities.

Thank you so much for supporting Alex Pioneer for as long as you have. We hope you enjoy this edition.

Pioneer Editorial Team


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