Mpho Mukwevho
Mpho Mukwevho

By:  William Serumula

By practicing resilience and defiance in trying circumstances, Mpho Mukwevho passed matric with Diploma. We met with him at this home where he shared his success story.

Facing what many would deem insurmountable challenges, the proud 20-year-old from Realogile Secondary School, was the oldest guy at school and it was never easy for him. His fellow learners would call him all sort of names such as “Ngudu” which loosely means “adult”.

“In my high school years I had to repeat each and every class, sometimes I would disrupt lessons and crack a joke on a teacher or I would dodge classes,” explained Mukwevho.

“Due to my disadvantaged family background I was forced to be a learner and at the same time work as a local taxi driver in order to put bread on the table, and to support my unemployed mother and my siblings. I eventually enrolled with Boston City Campus to study Diploma in Project Management, but I still had financial difficulties. My advice to other learners is that they must take what teachers teach them seriously because education will open doors for them,” he implored.

Speaking to Mukwevho’s teacher, Mrs Tshabalala, the Head of Department in Life Orientation: “Mpho was a very playful person who didn’t take his studies serious, but I saw potential in him. I sat him down advised him and suddenly he changed his behaviour. He was and average learner and managed to perform better than other learners which motivated him to work harder and put more time into his studies. We were shocked by his improvement and it shows that every learner can make it if they follow in his foot steps.”

This story was originally published in February, 2015. 


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