macbook-apple-imac-computer-39284 is a brand new online platform that allows students and tutors to interact with one another from the comfort and safety of their own homes or preferred environments. This groundbreaking initiative, a first of its kind in South Africa, pushes the boundaries of education by making access to learning easy, safe and convenient for students all across the country.

Uviwe Faku, a young black entrepreneur and accounting student at the University of Cape Town, is the founder of; “It is no secret that South Africa is currently facing a huge education crises, through I wanted to offer a solution. is an expansion of JustLearn, a tutoring company that provides support to high school and varsity students. I realised that travelling was often a challenge for most students and tutors, and began to conceptualise a digital space that provides easier access for both parties,” explains Faku.

The site features real time video streaming that allows students to communicate with, and see, their tutors. It also includes a white board that supports desktop sharing, enabling both the student and tutor to make notes and upload learning material. Each lesson can be recorded for a student to refer back to as many times as he/she requires, adding to the value of their learning experience. There is no need to purchase additional software, with just a computer and internet connection, the platform is ready to be used.

Through, inconvenient factors such as costs of travelling and geographic limitations are mitigated. All tutors undergo strict assessment during the selection process before they are registered to ensure a quality experience for students.

Learners that cannot afford tutors are not excluded from this initiative. Qualified professionals who are willing to volunteer their skills and time at no charge can sign up. These volunteer tutors are specifically allocated to any disadvantaged students that form part of the public education sector.

Further to the online platform, JustLearn will soon be launching a separate mobile application called Viwe that allows students to search for a suitable tutor. The application allows them to outline specific requirements such as location and hours, so that they can be connected to the tutor that meets their learning needs.

The conceptualisation of is based upon the principle that everybody has the right to quality education, through this inclusive platform there is no excuse for anybody to be left out.

See the site: 


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